Most pure diamonds are between 1 and three.5 billion years previous. Most of it was fashioned within the Earth’s mantle at a depth of 150 to 250 km, however some was discovered at a depth of 800 km, at excessive stress and temperature, the place carbonaceous liquids dissolve numerous minerals and change them with diamonds.

Tens to lots of of tens of millions of years in the past, diamonds had been delivered to the floor by volcanic eruption and deposited in igneous rocks often known as kimberlites and lamproites. Diamond is a stable type of the component carbon, its atoms are organized in a crystalline construction at room stress and temperature, and it has the next hardness and thermal conductivity than any pure materials.

What’s the supply of the diamond mineral by way of geology?

diamond metal

Till the twentieth century, most diamonds had been present in alluvial deposits. Freestyle diamonds are additionally discovered on trendy and historic seashores the place diamonds are inclined to accumulate as a consequence of their measurement and density. They’re of fine high quality and high quality. These deposits had been fashioned by native igneous intrusions by weathering and transport by wind or water. However on the whole, diamond formation is uncommon.

Most diamonds come from the inside of the Earth, the place some crustal lots or topography have been buried, at applicable depths, because the crust thickens and undergoes high-pressure metamorphism. These partial diamonds are evenly distributed.

There are different sources of diamonds

When meteorites hit the Earth, the depth of the influence can create excessive temperatures and pressures ample to type micro- and nanodiamonds, as these diamonds level to historic archaeological websites. So, they discovered that the Bobgay crater in Russia accommodates the world’s largest diamond deposit, estimated at trillions of carats, because it was fashioned because of an asteroid colliding with the Earth.

Some frequent misconceptions

It’s mentioned that diamonds are manufactured from extremely compressed coal. Coal is called a prehistoric buried plant, however most dated diamonds are a lot older than the primary land vegetation. However diamonds can type from coal in subduction zones, however diamonds fashioned on this approach are uncommon, and their carbon supply is carbonate rocks and natural carbon in sediments, not coal.

Are there diamonds outdoors the planet?

Though diamonds are not often discovered on Earth, they’re largely present in house. And in meteorites, about three % of the carbon is within the type of nanodiamonds. Small diamonds are fashioned as a result of cooling of house. The isotopic traits of some nanodiamonds point out that they had been fashioned in stars outdoors the photo voltaic system. Diamonds fashioned in stars stands out as the first minerals.

Some experiments can predict that, as a consequence of excessive stress, massive quantities of diamond will condense from methane right into a rain of diamonds on the icy big planets Uranus and Neptune. And a few planets will be fully manufactured from diamonds.

How are diamonds studied?

Kimberlite rocks containing diamonds will be tough to seek out. It has a decrease particular topography than the encompassing rocks. And if these rocks are seen in outcrops, diamonds won’t be seen in them, as a result of they’re very uncommon.

Nevertheless, kimberlite is commonly coated by vegetation, sediment, soil, or lakes. Nevertheless, in current searches, geophysical strategies reminiscent of atmospheric magnetic surveying, electrical resistivity, and gravimetry are serving to to establish appropriate areas for exploration.

Geological age of the diamond

Diamonds present in kimberlites are between 1 and three.5 billion years previous, and there will be many ages in the identical kimberlite, indicating a number of time levels within the formation of diamonds.

As a result of the kimberlite rocks themselves are a lot youthful than the age of the diamond. Its age ranges from tens of tens of millions to 300 million years, and though there are some exceptions, we conclude that kimberlite fashioned independently of diamond, however solely introduced it to the floor.

How are you aware diamonds?

Diamonds will be recognized by:

  • Its thermal conductivity may be very excessive, about 900-2320 W.m – 1K.
  • Its refractive index is excessive, however different supplies with the identical refractive index often exist.
  • Diamonds can reduce glass, however this isn’t a constructive scale as a result of some supplies, reminiscent of quartz, additionally reduce glass and are above it on the Mohs scale.
  • Scratching two diamonds collectively can injury one or each stones.
  • Hardness assessments are not often utilized in gemology as a consequence of their harsh, fracture-inducing nature.
  • The intense hardness and excessive price of diamonds signifies that gems are often polished extra slowly, utilizing painstaking conventional strategies and a focus to element than most different gems.
  • Diamond has a reasonably excessive coefficient of dispersion.

These elements have an effect on the general look of a diamond, however the usage of a magnifying glass by a talented and skilled skilled is the usual for visually figuring out diamonds.


Diamond crystal sizes vary from microscopic to very massive, with the Cullinan having the most important mass of diamonds, however diamonds bigger than 15 carats are uncommon.

  • In 1905 AD, an enormous diamond weighing 0.621 kg was present in South Africa. The delegation took a number of months to review as a consequence of its scale.
  • In 1908 it was divided into 9 massive components. These stones are very uncommon and sometimes obtain world-class names and fame and a particular place in historical past.

Mechanical properties of diamond metallic

Among the many properties of diamonds are:


The hardness of diamonds is determined by their readability, crystal perfection and path. The hardness of pure crystals is greater than that of impurities and directivity. Some diamonds will be scratched by different supplies reminiscent of boron nitride, however the hardest diamonds can solely be scratched by different diamonds or a gaggle of ultra-thin diamonds.

The hardness of a diamond makes it a valuable stone. Since it may solely be scratched by different diamonds, so diamonds retain their brilliance effectively. Additionally, it may be worn each day as a consequence of its scratch resistance as it’s well-liked as a favourite gem utilized in engagement or engagement rings.

The place are the toughest pure diamonds mined?

Happens within the fields of Cobeton and Bengar, within the New England area of New South Wales, in Australia. The toughest diamonds are typically small diamonds and are used to shine different diamonds. Its hardness is expounded to the type of crystal development, which is a single-stage crystal development. Most different diamonds present extra proof of a number of development levels that produce inclusions and defects within the crystal construction, all of which have an effect on its hardness.

Impurities in diamonds

The common association of atoms in diamonds reduces the content material of impurities in most of its varieties, and due to this fact some varieties of impurities can contaminate diamonds, particularly boron and nitrogen. What causes a small quantity of defects or impurities, about one in 1,000,000 lattice atoms, blue diamond as a consequence of boron, yellow as a consequence of nitrogen, brown as a consequence of defects, inexperienced as a consequence of publicity to radiation, purple, pink, orange or purple. As well as, diamonds have a comparatively excessive optical dispersion.


It is among the most typical impurities present in diamonds and is what offers diamonds their yellow-brown shade.


That is the impurity that causes the blue shade of diamonds. As well as, diamonds comprise two further sources of radiation: both alpha particles, which trigger the inexperienced shade of the diamond, or plastic deformation of the diamond crystal lattice.

Luxurious coloured diamond

Luxurious colored diamond

Diamonds of a unique shade, reminiscent of blue, are referred to as fancy shade diamonds and fall below totally different grading scales.

  • In 2008, the Wittelsbach Diamond, which belonged to the King of Spain, bought at Christie’s for greater than US$24 million and is a 7.112g blue diamond.
  • In Might 2009, the value of a 7.03 carat blue diamond reached the very best worth per carat ever paid for a diamond when it was auctioned for 10.5 million Swiss francs, or $9.5 million.
  • On December 1, 2009, that file was damaged the identical 12 months, and a 5-carat scorching pink diamond bought for $10.8 million in Hong Kong.

The magical and therapeutic properties of diamonds

Warmth healers imagine that diamonds speed up the regeneration of physique cells, assist cleanse them, combat infections and parasites. And in lots of sciences, with the assistance of diamonds, they deal with psychological sickness, the center and kidneys, and cleanse the liver.

Warriors wore diamond-encrusted rings, believing that this might give them religious energy and make them invincible. As well as, the stone brings happiness to the proprietor and protects him from unhealthy habits and actions.

Who can profit from diamonds?

Diamond is a stone of braveness and dedication. Due to this fact, the one who wears it should have a robust character, and it may turn out to be ineffective within the palms of a weak and insecure individual.


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