In physics, it’s identified that each substance has a magnetic subject. However the magnetic subject of copper is so weak that we will solely discover it if it is extremely sturdy. So the brief reply to the query that copper is drawn to a magnet isn’t any, copper can rapidly confirm this end result by attempting to choose up a copper coin with a magnet.

Copper can work together with magnets in superb methods

The interplay of copper with a magnet relies on Lenz’s legislation. The main points require some information of physics, however the fundamental concept could be very easy.

We carry a copper tube and a magnet, we join the copper tube to an electrical present. And once we carry the magnet nearer to the copper (or every other steel), the steel repels the magnet, you may see the magnet floats on prime of the steel.

So is copper drawn to magnets?

The reply isn’t any, as a result of copper’s magnetic subject is just too weak to be noticed beneath regular circumstances. However it one way or the other interacts with the magnet, and that is very helpful. The interplay of copper with magnets is utilized in energy crops to generate electrical vitality.

Listing of metals which are drawn to magnets

All metals are drawn to magnets, however most metals have too little attraction to understand, whereas these which are clearly drawn to magnets embody widespread ferromagnetic metals comparable to iron, nickel, and cobalt, and alloys comparable to metal, that are additionally comprise sure ferromagnetic metals. comparable to iron or nickel. Magnetic metals are generally used to make everlasting magnets.

Metals that aren’t drawn to magnets

The magnet will weakly appeal to semi-magnetic metals comparable to magnesium and copper, that are weakly drawn to magnetic power. This engaging power is about 1,000,000 occasions weaker than the magnetic power of magnetic metals, so you’ll by no means really feel attraction if you happen to carry a magnet near a chunk of magnesium. Solely extremely delicate scientific tools can measure the weak power of gravity. Examples of metals that aren’t drawn to magnets embody:

  • copper;
  • carbon.
  • gold.
  • Silver.
  • bismuth;

The engaging power for many of those metals is weak, though a few of their species beneath sure circumstances can float on a robust magnet as a result of repulsion.


There’s a group of metals which are clearly affected by magnets, comparable to iron, nickel, and cobalt, and there’s a group of parts which are very weakly affected by magnets, comparable to copper, magnesium, and chromium.

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