It’s essential to know the distinction between hamzat al-wasl and kat’ and perceive them when learning the Qur’an with the principles of intonation. Find out how to learn hamzat al-wasl from the start of a sentence or verse. If the hamza is in the course of a sentence or verse, do not learn it.

However earlier than contemplating the distinction between hamzat al-wasl and kat’, it’s essential to recollect the rule of the Arabic language, in line with which speech doesn’t start with a consonant, as a result of the consonant originally is troublesome to pronounce. in a phrase, so the vowel should come earlier than the consonant for ease of pronunciation.

A very powerful variations between hamzat al-qat and hamzat al-wasl

Under we are going to point out the distinction between hamzat al-wasl and kat’:

1 – Distinction in pronunciation

When hamzat al-wasl and kat’ are originally of speech, the pronunciation is analogous, but when two hamzat are in the course of speech, the distinction is that hamzat al-wasl is pronounced in another way from hamzat. al-kat’.

2 – Distinction by way of writing

  • Khamzat will be static or cell, whereas hamzat can by no means be static, i.e. it should all the time be cell.
  • When connecting and starting, the hamzat wasl is proved, whereas the hamzat wasl is just not pronounced within the wasl case, however is proved originally of it.
  • Hamzat al-kata’ is originally, center and finish of a phrase, and hamzat al-wasl is barely originally of a phrase.
  • Hamzat al-kata’ goes with the current tense, quadrangular verbs and the previous participle of ternary verbs, whereas hamzat al-wasl doesn’t go along with these verbs in any respect.
  • Hamzat al-qat’ and hamzat al-wasl are written with nouns, verbs, and letters, however hamzat al-wasl occupies particular and particular locations in Arabic.

Hamza al-Wasl within the Quran

Hamzat al-wasl is a short lived hamza, which is barely pronounced when the phrase containing the hamza is the primary phrase, and is learn in a sentence or after a pause. The rationale for that is that when studying Arabic, some phrases don’t start with a vowel, therefore the function of hamzat al-wasl. If the reader must learn this phrase originally of the recitation, hamzat is added to insert a vowel into the phrase.

Hamzat al-wasl was referred to as by this title as a result of it’s used to realize the pronunciation of a consonant letter originally of a phrase, as a result of its pronunciation on this case is inconceivable, and the rule within the case of the start of speech is that the letter is a vowel.

Positions of Hamzat al-Wasl

We discover hamzat al-wasl in a number of locations, in addition to in letters, nouns and verbs, and additional we are going to clarify extra about these locations:

Hamzat al-wasl positions in verbs

Hamzat al-wasl goes prior to now and crucial verbs, and prior to now tense comes with a five-factor, in addition to in a hexagram. Examples embrace: run, pray, uproot, watch, be affected person, reveal, say sorry, construct.

Examples from the Holy Quran

1 – Examples of five-factor
  • The phrase is chosen within the verse (Certainly, God selected Adam and Noah) Surat Al-Imran.
  • The verb grieves within the saying of the Almighty: (There the believers will likely be grieved) Surat Al-Ahzab.
2- Examples of hexagram
  • He requested for water within the noble verse of Surah Al-Baqara (And when Moses requested for water for his folks).
  • The verb that they discovered within the saying of the Almighty in Sura al-Maida (and rabbis and rabbis, with what they discovered from the E book of Allah).

As for the crucial temper verb, it happens in three-, five- and six-verb types.

3 – Triple Verb Examples
  • The verb to hit with the phrases of Almighty God: (Hit the stone with a stick).
  • Verb pray with the phrases of Almighty God (Invite your Lord to the trail of knowledge and good preaching).
  • The verb to go, in line with the phrases of Almighty Allah: “Go together with this guide of mine and provides it to them (Sura An-Naml).

Hamzat al-Wasl in names

It’s all the time learn with kasra when positioned originally of a noun. Examples: vanity, forgiveness. Probably the most well-known nouns that include hamzat al-wasl in Arabic and these are the ten names that we are going to point out beneath:

son, daughter, son, Two, two, male, feminine, ast, title, Im Allah.

Hamzat al-Wasl in profile

The alif within the definition is definitely hamzat wasl, which is barely learn for those who begin studying the sentence containing the definition. On this case, the hamza is all the time learn with fatha. Hamzat wasl can solely precede the letter “lam” within the definition. Examples of this: Most Merciful, Man, Koran.

Minimize out the positions of the hamzat

Hamzat al-kat` is originally of names, and naturally there are a lot of different names that start with hamzat kat`, for instance: Rabbit, Agid, Ahmed, Ibrik, above, Ikram, Amjad … and lots of others. different names.

Hamzat al-qat will be originally, center or finish of a phrase, versus hamzat al-wasl originally, for instance, within the phrase Ahmed, or on the finish of a phrase in a line, for instance, Sama. , or in the course of a phrase, for instance, requested. Or you possibly can write wow just like the phrase is blocked. Or write a y on the finish of a phrase, just like the phrase harmless. There are additionally examples. For instance: water, with permission, give, with permission, don’t eat.

Inquiries to make clear the distinction between hamzat al-wasl and kat’

Listed below are some inquiries to make clear the distinction between the 2 hamzats:

Is the phrase hamzat wasl accompanied or lower out?

A verb accompanies 5 verbs, and the 5 verbs of its previous tense, infinitive, and order start with a reference, and the next are some examples of 5 verbs:

  • Strategy, storm, expound, wait, revenue, select, conquer, gather, unite, enhance, increase, increase, break.

A play on phrases – is it a hamzat wasl or a lower?

The phrase (play) is the crucial verb from the ternary verb (play), and the crucial verbs from the ternary, pentagon, and hexagram all the time start with a hyphen.

Examples of verbs that begin with wasl:

  • Put together, pay attention, istikhara: Hexagonal verbs.
  • Strategy, disagree, shorten, verify, fill: 5 verbs.
  • Go pay attention: triple crucial verbs.

What sort of hamza is within the phrase earth?

Hamzat al-qat` is originally of nouns, and because the phrase earth is amongst nouns, it begins with hamzat al-qat`.

  • Dad, mother, you, pens, Isania, Ibrahim, cups… and far more.

Was the phrase hamzat or lower out?

The phrase ‘innovation’ doesn’t start with hamzat wasl, but it surely refers to phrases that start with hamzat kat’, and the explanation for that is that the phrase (innovation) is likely one of the 4 verbs, so it begins with hamzat. wasl. , grow to be, restore, assist, offend.

Is the phrase Amjad Hamzat Wasl or lower out?

Many nouns can start with hamzat, however this hamzat have to be hamzat al-kata’, not hamzat wasl, and because the phrase (amjad) is likely one of the nouns, it should start with hamzat al-kata’. Examples of some nouns beginning with hamzat:

  • Hope, our bodies, honor, voices, personalities, Islam, video games, proverbs, songs, secrets and techniques.


Within the occasion that the author has confused the way in which the hamza is written, he solely has to transform the phrase he needs to write down to the current.

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