The Arabian camel has at all times been the companion of the Arabs within the desert since historical instances, since this wonderful animal has confirmed to be extremely able to dwelling within the harsh circumstances of the desert, it is without doubt one of the few creatures with which man has established a relationship of particular dependence. and fame since historical instances.

The Arabian Peninsula is the unique homeland of camels, and its conventional financial system was fully depending on the manufacturing of camels. Camels are additionally widespread within the Center East, North Africa and Central Asia. With out these organisms, life wouldn’t have developed and full cultures wouldn’t have arisen in these territories. What are the traits of an Arabian camel? How did an individual assist to reside within the harsh circumstances of the desert? In our subsequent article, we’ll take an in depth have a look at the whole lot that pursuits you about this.

Normal traits of Arabic sentences

  • Widespread identify: Arabian camel.
  • Scientific identify: Camelus dromedarius.
  • Species: mammals.
  • Household: herbivores.
  • Top: reaches greater than two meters in peak.
  • Size: 3 meters.
  • Weight: Males weigh between 400 and 650 kg, whereas females are about 10 % smaller.
  • Color: gentle brown, however will also be grey.
  • Tail: quick.
  • Legs: Lengthy and slender.
  • Neck: Lengthy, descending and rising to a small, slender head.
  • The higher lip is split into two elements that transfer independently of one another.
  • Camel sound: It is referred to as foaming.

An important bodily traits of the Arabian camel

The most important physical characteristics of the Arabian camel

The Arabian camel has distinctive traits that made it the favourite animal of the Arabs, because it was capable of adapt to the tough circumstances of the desert, and be the most effective helper for an individual dwelling in it or passing by means of it, and maybe essentially the most excellent of those qualities:

1 – The Arabian camel has one hump:

The Arabian camel differs from different camel species in that it has a single hump on its again, and the hump (or hump) is a mass of fats, as much as 80 kilos, which it analyzes for water and vitality necessities when consuming. not out there. These humps give camels the legendary capability to journey as much as 100 miles throughout the desert with out water. Camels hardly ever sweat, even in desert temperatures that attain 120 levels Fahrenheit, so when camels drink liquids, they’ll retailer them for a protracted time frame.

2- Arabian camel is drought tolerant.

Camels are usually drought tolerant to the purpose that they’ll typically lose as much as 30% of their physique weight resulting from drought with out harming themselves as they’ll make up for this loss in minutes and the explanation for that is that they’ve the bottom water cycle. amongst animals. It is ready to take up salts from the intestines and excrete them by means of the kidneys, whereas different organisms, even people, can lose their lives in the event that they lose this share of their weight.

Nonetheless, when a camel drinks later, it soaks up the water like a sponge. A camel can drink 30 gallons of water in simply 13 minutes if he’s thirsty. He may also, if he doesn’t work, go on dwelling for 10 months with out consuming in any respect if the meals accommodates sufficient moisture.

3- A camel can carry a really giant weight:

The Arabian camel can carry and transport a great deal of as much as half a ton, because the home animal is the strongest and most versatile and capable of stand up to many hundreds. The camel can stroll at a velocity equal to five kilometers per hour, with a load between 170 and 270 kg of products. Even when a camel is sleeping and a heavy burden is being carried on it, it shortly will get up and stands on its toes and is able to go, whereas different animals don’t have the power and vitality for this.

4- Camel can journey lengthy distances:

The camel can cowl lengthy distances day by day and overcome tough terrain, delicate sand and laborious floor, which is why the Arabs referred to as it the “ship of the desert”. Throughout the dry seasons, the Arabian camel can endure excessive thirst and starvation for 10 to twenty days. In an abnormal caravan, this animal can transfer for 5 days with out meals or water.

5- Arabian camel can decrease its physique temperature:

Arabian camels don’t must sweat to decrease their physique temperature, so they keep water inside their our bodies. As a result of she doesn’t use this water to chill her physique, regardless of how scorching the temperature is, for the reason that delicate woolen cowl insulates the camel’s physique and reduces the inflow of warmth.

Camels change their physique temperature from 34°C within the early morning to 41°C within the night, which reduces the temperature distinction between the camel and the surroundings in the course of the day, thereby decreasing warmth achieve and water loss by two-thirds. . It additionally makes use of the warmth of the day to maintain heat at evening.

6- Camel can stroll on delicate sand:

The Arabian camel has giant and thick legs that preserve it from sinking in delicate sand and allow it to navigate the rugged rocky terrain and altering desert sands the place it will possibly stroll easily as a result of the load is carried on two legs. the large toes are spaced aside, which makes it troublesome to dive into positive sand; An incredible function is his capability to climb sand dunes, the place he kneels to stroll them.

7 – Camel hair modifications traits:

The clothes on the camel’s physique modifications from woolen in winter to shiny reflective wool in summer time with out falling out, which is essential and is a catalyst in its adaptation to the desert surroundings, and the hump just isn’t solely a reservoir of water and fats, however of its largest makes use of is that, whereas amassing fat, the physique is in a hump, the subcutaneous tissue turns into nearly defatted, so his physique stays cooler.

8 – Eyes of an Arabian camel:

The Arabian camel can stroll in harsh desert storms referred to as toxic winds due to its particular function that God positioned within the eyelids and corners of its eyes, in addition to resulting from thick eyebrows and two rows of lengthy eyelashes to guard the eyes.

9- Desert adaptation:

Different variations assist the camel survive and thrive within the desert. The nostrils are positioned shut collectively to maintain sand out. The camel’s lips are giant and laborious, permitting it to eat dry and thorny desert vegetation. Their giant, thick pads on their toes and the options of their eyes assist them navigate tough, rocky terrain and desert quicksand.

10 – Camel Reminiscence:

The camel has a really sturdy reminiscence, as he simply remembers his route, having handed it solely as soon as, so the Arabs slept peacefully on his again on the best way to their tents, as he is aware of the highway properly and remembers his manner. the proprietor and acknowledges him even by his voice, besides that he remembers the locations From which he drinks, like springs and wells, with out mixing one place with one other.

The Arabian camel remembers properly the place of his beginning, from the place he can simply return to his homeland, even when he’s separated from his mom instantly after beginning and brought away for the aim of sale, for instance, and if he’s misplaced from his mom, they go to the fatherland till they meet.

Illnesses of the Arabian camel:

Widespread camel ailments are very restricted, however the principle inside ailments are:

  • diarrhea.
  • Dietary myopathy.
  • bloating;
  • Deviation of the neck resulting from its size.
  • Ingestion of overseas objects.
  • edema;
  • hematuria;
  • Genetic edema.
  • blindness.
  • colic;

camel breeding:

camel breeding

Normally, the camel is a non-aggressive animal, however its habits turns into hostile in the course of the mating season, when the temper of the males turns into sullen, and so they confront one another till they’ve females, the place they climb with all the load of their physique, in any other case they’ll chunk one another good friend with out hurt.

Mating normally happens in the course of the wet season, and continues all through the winter. The feminine’s gestation lasts 15 months, after which she lays one flock or one species at a time. His mom stays for 18 months, so he is ready to run round her. and the camel is distinguished by the truth that it produces milk just for its cub, so the camel herders use it and produce it to her to get milk.

The peak of the flute at beginning is 90 cm, and by the age of 5 it’s totally developed and able to mating. Females attain the age of three years, however don’t mate till they attain 4 years of age. or 5 years. A camel can reside as much as fifty years if it lives in splendid environmental circumstances, and this hardly ever occurs.

Arabian camel feeding

Feeding camels may be very low-cost in comparison with different home animals, as they eat any vegetation, even thorns and dry grasses. Whereas folks solely use the meat of some animals and the milk of a few of them, and a few of them just for using and could also be appropriate for being pregnant, the camel is an animal whose meat and milk is used for using and carrying.

The advantages of an Arabian camel for people

The Arabian camel has many traits that distinguish it from different animals as it will possibly present what different animals can’t give to people, an important of those advantages are:

1. Arab camel milk and meat are vital vitamins within the Bedouin food regimen. His milk is extra like mom’s milk than every other milk in nature: it is vitally creamy, accommodates 3 times extra vitamin C and ten instances extra calcium than cow’s milk. Additionally it is appropriate for folks affected by sensitivity and lactose intolerance, as they’ll eat it with out issues. In Kazakhstan, camel milk is used to deal with tuberculosis, and in Africa, docs use it to feed and nourish AIDS sufferers.

2- Camel wool is good for making tents and clothes wanted by folks within the desert.

3. The Arabian camel helped form the tradition of the Arabs and their sturdy sense of self-confidence.

4 – The Arabian camel is a tame animal, regardless of its excessive bodily power, in order that even a small baby can handle a herd of camels and lead them wherever he desires. After all, typically camels assault out of the blue (particularly in the course of the mating season), so it’s preferable to separate male camels from females (camels) throughout work.

5- Camel meat is allowed in Islam because it has a warming character, helpful for stopping untimely beginning, relieving rheumatic pains and growing bodily and sexual power.


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